Kinfolk are no longer just the boff-toys of the Changing Breeds. The Kin are powers unto themselves, being hardier, faster, stronger than the average member of their breed. Kin are often the champions of a community, and act as liasons between the Changers and their birth species.

"Kinfolk" are defined as those who are two generations or less removed from a Changer ancestor (thus, the Changer could be, at most, your grandparent or great-aunt or -uncle). Those who are more removed from their family's Changer often boast of having "the [animal] Blood" in their family trees, but usually are not described as Kinfolk as such (i.e., they lack the physical and mystical boons such Blood offers), although they can potentially produce a Changer child.

The Kinfolk are considered mystical and lordly of manner, the ideal of their birth species. They are all able to learn some of the magic of the Changers, and even have some magic of their own. For all intents and purposes, consider Kinfolk as having a slightly greater attractiveness than average to members of their own species; this can be embodied in charisma, physical attraction, intelligence, or just plain niceness. They also have a bit of an aura of destiny around them. Think of Aragorn (Tolkien's _Lord of the Rings_), Hazel-Rah (Adams' _Watership Down_), or Captain Carrot (Pratchett's "Discworld" books). [Note: I know there are female characters out there like this, but these are the ones that leap to mind. Send suggestions!]

Human Kin

Human Kinfolk tend to reflect their Blood in their physical appearance and mannerisms, as well as in their abilities. Examples of the kinds of advantages they might have are shown below.





Note: These are not lists of "gimmies" to take! These are very few suggestions for possible advantages that might develop in human Kinfolk. And remember to take the quirks of personality and behavior that might go along with the Blood: a bear Kin might get unnaturally slow and sleepy in the winter months, a horse Kin might tend to jump at shadows, a wolf Kin might not be able to stand being around human habitation because of all the horrible smells, etc.

Animal Kin

While animals in the Bright Future tend to be more "magical" and intelligent in any case than other interpretations of them in the World of Darkness (after all, *we* know about the tool-using crows and dogs that can open doors and cats that understand English perfectly), the animal Kinfolk are the best and brightest. They reason, wonder, strategize, discuss, discover, and learn with nearly equal facility to humans. Each one helps evolve further the animal body and vocal languages. Think of them as having intelligence equal to the rabbits in Watership Down or any of the animals (except possibly the monkeys) in The Jungle Books.

It is up to you whether your animal Kin is as enamoured of her/his human ethnic heritage as human Kin tend to be of their animal heritage. With the tangle of ethnicities that has developed over the past three hundred years, it might be really entertaining to have a wolf Kin boasting about her Haitian and Chinese ancestors.

Good vs. Bad

Of course, in any case, the attractiveness of Kinfolk can have its ups and downs. There will be evil Kinfolk who use their magnetic personalities to perpetrate evil. Power corrupts, and the Kin, while being in many cases the ideal of their species, are still just members of their species, prone to all the foibles and flaws.

There may also be instances of good Kinfolk who terrify the populace by being just way too attractive and powerful, and thus earn sobriquets usually indicative of evil intent.

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