Bright Future Roleplay Logs!

Yes, it's true -- the MUSH is up and the roleplay's great. (Thanks to everyone for their marvelous contributions.) Check it out for yourself with some outstanding roleplay logs!

Other pages with BF logs:

Opening Night
The Ghost Town -- Dusty discovers the neighbors.
Chaos at the Diner -- Fish everywhere, and a mishap with the Pony Express.
From the Cocoon -- Kelsey arrives in not-Vienna.

Meet the Sociopaths -- a multi-part story

The First Moot -- Welcoming Skunk and the restless spirits.
Lucas Arrives -- Lucas Maker, a traveling smith, stops in for a few days.
The Birthday Party -- Sashenka finds her long-lost daughter -- kind of.
Meeting of Minds -- Higami offers the library his services, and some impressive technology.


The Tale of Hurricane Zelda

Samhain in Not-Vienna -- A bit of a town history lesson for some of our heroes.

On the Run

The Smith Returns -- Having seen the ocean, Lucas and company return to the Farm.

The Second Moot

Another Afternoon in the Diner -- Lucas gets to know some folks, including newcomers Rex and Xan.
An Unexpected Pleasure -- Two old friends meet again.

Gerard's Arrival

Things to Do With Rex -- Lucas finds Rex chopping wood and enlists him.
After Niska's Raid -- Niska returns from her sally into the Hive with news to stun an elephant.
Just a Training Session... No, Really... -- A combat training session run by the smith gets interrupted by some real combat, courtesy of a sniper and his pet Bane-thing.
Gerard Returns: The Thief's Cold Welcome -- The thief returns to the town he robbed, looking for help from the smith, who's none to pleased to see him back again. Still, those swords are mighty interesting...
Of Magicians, Alphas, and Ravens -- Julen attempts to get Gerard to think beyond himself, and Niska makes appropriate commentary.
A Peddler's Visit -- Combine the Katahdin region, an old peddler, and some storytelling, and you often end up with some scary portents.
Silver, Tin, or Steel? -- Gerard and Lucas discuss the nature of things..

The Battle for the Mountain

Moot -- In which a considerable number of the kumi talk with the Totems and hear about options for protecting the caern.

Quest to the Battle Plain

Lucas Isn't Here to Take Your Call Right Now -- Louisa, Gerard, and Rabbit meet up with a mysterious stranger who's come calling for Lucas.
More About the Past -- Lucas fills in Sunshine and Ruth about some of his history.
Getting Acquainted -- Sunshine and Louisa get to know one another.

The Number You Are Trying to Reach...

Danny and Sunshine Meet Again -- Danny the newcomer Perunka remembers Sunshine from elsewhere.
A Quiet Morning -- Ruth and Danny talk while Sunshine drinks tea.

Look Who's Come to Town

There Are Cats, and Then There Are Cats -- Anderja and Miki make an appearance in the Diner.
Hunting and Talking -- Miki encounters Safi in the woods.
Rabbit Stew and Apple Pie -- Ruth and Miki talk arts, Anderja and Safi talk hunting, and Rex shows an unexpected domestic side.
Tea with Miss Anita -- Rex takes Miki to meet Miss Anita.
Safi Asks Some Questions -- Sunshine fields some of Safi's confusion about the Farm.
A Bargain Struck -- Julen and Miss Alison make an arrangment.
A Brutally Honest Evening at the Diner -- Funny how a little friendly fish-scaling can turn into brutal honesty between Miki and Rowan.
Confusion and Contemplation -- Rowan shares a bit of confusion with Dali.
Stalking the Woods -- Safi and Anderja meet on the mountain for a bit of a talk.
You Can Find the Weirdest Things on Katahdin -- Miki stumbles across one of the mountain's stranger inhabitants.
Confidences in the Barn -- Miki shares his Katahdin experience with Simon.
And Boys Will Be... Obnoxious -- Rex and Simon embarrass the heck out of Miki.
A Chat in the Smithy -- After talking to Miki, Simon goes to Lucas for expert opinions.
A Long-Awaited Reunion -- Lucas and the boys gather in the Smithy, and Arrow's Flight arrives.
Smiths are Supposed to Shoe, Not Shoo -- The boys are turned out of the Smithy when Arrow starts discussing things too private to be heard -- so Miki, Simon, and Rex speculate, instead.
A Talk by the Lake -- In the early morning, Rex encounters Miki near the lake.

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