The Technocracy was riven by betrayal from within, and the remaining technocrats joined forces with the technologically inclined "Tradition" mages to preserve and develop technology for use against Set and his forces. They remain as a group today for research, development, and implementation of eco-friendly technology: the Guild of Technology. Sometimes their methods are questionable and get them into trouble, but they basically have good ideas and good hearts.

The remaining mages split into those who love magic for the sake of the lore involved and those who apply their magic. No official Traditions or Conventions remain, only groups affiliated by some bond of interest. Masters teach their pupils however they choose, and occasionally, mages of similar interests can be summoned together for purposes of healing the land or combatting servants of the Corruptor.

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    The Collapse of the Traditions and Conventions
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    The Ascetic Fellowship
    The Guild of Technology
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