The Moons

There are two moons of the Bright Future Earth: Luna and Lilith. Luna is, by all accounts, the original moon of Earth. The entity Luna is one of the oldest and most powerful such anthropomorphic personifications. She has a close tie to the shapechangers of Earth, and is often worshipped as a goddess by them (and some humans).

Lilith is a planetary youngster, a twin of Luna, summoned or conjured into being by a large ritual near the end of the Long Night. Lilith is exactly opposite Luna in orbit. As one rises, the other sets, and their phases are synchronized. She behaves as duplicate of Luna in her effect on the Earth, which is why there were dramatic and violent disruptions in the tides and tectonic action after she appeared.

Lilith doesn't resemble Luna at all, possessed of a dim, reddish disc whose surface features -- if there are any -- are obscured by a hazy cloud, as if whatever it was that formed Lilith didn't quite complete its mission.

Luna and Lilith each contribute five auspices to the shapechangers closely tied to the moons, particularly the Garou. Lilith has also bestowed a number of Gifts upon the Changing Breeds.

The relative activity and involvement of each varies with her personality. Luna, being older and more experienced, seems content with maintaining her personal status quo. However, Lilith is still in the throes of her relative youth and enthusiasm (it is posited by the philosophers), and thus is given to occasional ostentatious manifestations or visions.