Stories and Logs

We hope to have a supply of logs which will function as a resource of back-story for the MUSH, as it develops, and examples of the kind of roleplay we routinely indulge in. GMed scenes will always be posted, and we hope that our players will provide us with logs dealing with important issues in the ongoing story.

At some point, we will also start keeping a timeline of events, and we ask that our players contribute to this by keeping the wizcorps updated on important happenings, visions, fights, accomplishments, and so on.

Another issue central to the development of the story and fleshing-out of the world is the building of background. To this end, we have provided a list of possible story seeds for the characters to tell around the fire. These are just ideas; we trust in the creativity of the players to pick out other points in history that inspire them. The wizcorps asks that players who tell a story IC please arrange for the pertinent part of the log of the storytelling to be emailed to the wizcorps for posting here, to further build a tradition and community.