Theme, Purpose, Mechanics, and Policy

The history of the Bright Future is derived from the World of Darkness by White Wolf Games, Inc. Many of the concepts and mechanics contained herein are borrowed from the Storyteller system of games. Vampire: the Masquerade, 2nd Edition, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, 2nd Edition, and Mage: the Ascension, 2nd Edition, are the systems utilized. Vampire Player's Handbook, 2nd Edition, and Werewolf Player's Handbook, 1st Edition, are the only other sourcebooks used. However, in the development of the history of the world here, we have discarded most of the things we dislike about the WoD, changed and rearranged things that we liked but couldn't entirely accept, and added several new features to the setting's landscape.

The bottom line: THE BOOKS ARE NOT CANON.

The Bright Future is an attempt to fuse some of what we consider the most enjoyable aspects of the World of Darkness with an epic fantasy feel. This is a world full of hope and heroic deeds, magic and prophecy. This is a world that wants to be a utopia, that is progressing into a new Golden Age at high speed.

The tasks of the supernaturals of the Bright Future are relatively simple: to heal Gaia, to rebuild a sense of community for all Gaia's creatures, and to stamp out, once and for all, the Corruptor.

What is the goal here? Fun! Fun is the major focus, although moderate angst is allowed if it furthers the Mandate of Fun. Quality roleplay is of equal importance. Does it make good story? Will people have fun taking part in it? Then it's good for the MUSH.

Policy Statement
The high expectations of the developers are based on the fact that this MUSH is invitation-only. If you get a character here, it's because we trust you. We trust you to be capable of high-quality writing, roleplay, and communal storytelling. We also trust you to moderate yourself and to communicate constructively with each other when there is a problem. The wizards are there to help in this.
What will NOT be tolerated is OOC politics. We acknowledge that no community is politics-free. But we are all mature adults (or capable of acting so) and we all know how to Play Well With Others. Sniping or bashing is unacceptable. Communication, either with the problem individual or the wizards, is paramount. There will also, to the best of the ability of everyone, be no IC penalties for OOC problems. Whether it's friction between players or someone having to idle for six months because real life ate them... we will find a way around it. No guilt will be ladled out for inability to log in or lack of time to play. We *want* people to come back, and want to come back! And life is difficult enough without one's escape from it becoming a drag.

Please Note: Bright Future MUSH runs on half time.

This is so that all those people with lives don't watch everything whip clean away from them. Please check +season, +date, and +time.