The Katahdin Region

Wildlife is plentiful. Bald eagles and ospreys regularly nest in the area. Beavers inhabit the multitude of local streams and rivers. Moose frequently emerge from the trees. Black bears wander the region. Waterfowl are plentiful. The Penobscot River is inhabited by such fishes as smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and chain pickerel, and is known as one of the best rivers on the east coast for finding the Atlantic salmon.

This is a place where the Wyld has never died, or even diminished greatly. If there's a North American animal that likes colder climates, it's likely to have wandered into the area since the beginning of the Long Night and the abandonment of many of the towns and villages. Expect that coyotes are common, that wolves, lynx, bobcat, and puma have either created a presence or increased an existing one.