Trends in Human Religions

For the most part, human religions kept on keeping on throughout the Long Night, attempting to respond to people's needs for spirituality and community and, of course, in some instances, running people's lives for them completely. Nothing ever changes 100%. Particularly supported through the Long Night were the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church, which the Toreador, Ventrue, and Giovanni of Europe found especially entertaining. Despite this association, the long traditions of both institutions continued to sustain them, keeping them well supplied with followers after the Sun's Return.

Eternity, however, suffered a serious falling-out-of-grace, under the domination of the vampires. Preachers were booed off their boxes, podiums, and other daises for any unwelcome emphasis on everlasting life, and one or two were even lynched. The concept of reincarnation took on immensely widespread popularity, even in heretofore resistant traditions like Catholicism, and the blessing of 'rebirth in light' spread across the globe.

Any number of small moon-religions sprang up upon Lilith's emergence, only to be largely supplanted by a vast surge of sun-religions a little while later. There are also small but persistent cults of the worship of wolves, great cats, rats, ravens, bears, and coyotes, and more unfortunate cults arrayed around vampires, both the concept thereof and individuals who had the foresight to cover themselves with loyal followers.