The Townsfolk

There are a few powerful personalities among the townsfolk of Haven (Not-Vienna), people that interact bravely with these new weirdos in town.

Fred Lemisch
The youngest person in town until the Raven's Call brought the new people in, Fred is the town's dedicated librarian. He periodically goes out to scavenge books from ruins in the area, and so he is better traveled than most of the townsfolk. He is cheerful, a bit timid, and stutters most of the time.

Old Man Collins
A hale and hearty man in his late 50s or early 60s, Old Man Collins owns the house closest to the Ursa Diner, just across Main Street. He's a bit cranky, but good-hearted, and vociferously believes that the new folks are the best things to hit the town since the town started getting regular toilet paper shipments from Millinockett twenty years ago.

Mrs. Collins
Your standard Everymom. She worries that you're not getting enough to eat, that you're not wrapping up warmly enough, that you're looking haggard and worn out (even when you feel fine). Without the Old Man around, she'd probably feed half the town.

Mrs. Whittaker
The Postmistress and Telephone Operator. She's the busiest busybody in the world. She knows everything about everyone in town, and if she doesn't actually read the mail that goes through her hands, she certainly knows where it comes from and will grill you until you give up some of your secrets. She's nosy, disapproving, and crusty, but she's got an honest heart of gold under that prickly exterior.

Miss Anita
Next-door neighbor to the Collins household, Miss Anita was the town schoolmarm until about ten years ago (when she ran out of youngsters to teach). She was also the librarian, but her arthritis finally got to her sufficiently that she had to hand over that responsibility to Fred. For a 90-something, she's surprisingly spry, though she's more than happy to let Mrs. Collins do the cooking and cleaning these days. She misses having younger people around, and unfortunately doesn't get out enough to see most of the new young folk in town. These days, she mostly sews and knits, and if she hears of anyone needing anything at all along these lines, will do her level best to make and send it to them.

Miss Alison
Ugly, nasty, and older than the hills, Miss Alison lives just outside of town at the old mansion known as "The Willows." Oddly, the townsfolk tend to set aside an extra loaf of bread here, or bundle of fabric there, and those things end up getting dropped off at the gate of her house by someone who drew the short straw and makes their best time getting away. Periodically, she comes into town. Everyone is VERY respectful. No one can exactly explain why they're so respectful, but the answer is generally, "'Cause Grandpa said to be, since when Uncle Matt called her a... name... well... he hopped around a lot for the rest of his life. And it really upset his wife about the flies."

The Polks
Charles and Shayla Polk are owners of a small farm at the edge of town. the Polks are in their early 60s and have owned their ancient farmhouse for about thirty years, having moved up from Millnockett. Until recently, they were plagued by a malicious ghost; they'd been calming it with charms from the Farmfolk, but Majlath Miklos called the ghost out of the house. Entertainingly enough, despite their thirty-year tenure in town, they're still considered by some of the townies to be outsiders.

The Bishops
Neighbors to the Polks, Alpha and Major Bishop are late 60-somethings beginning to have a bit of trouble handling their several acres and old house. Alpha is developing arthritis and has various problems with feeling in her hands and feet, and Major, also getting on in years, can't keep up with the chores as well as he'd like. Alpha is best known for her longtime feuding with Mrs. Whittaker. Major is a military history aficianado, probably inspired by his name, and before the incomers arrived, he annoyed his neighbors regularly by trying to raise a local militia.

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