My family is a pretty cool bunch of people, as is evidenced that I'm really, really into my genealogy. Here are a few pictures of important people. Photos of my cousins, aunts, and uncles have so far failed to reach my scanner, sadly. Although my cousins are probably happy, since all I have of them are embarrassing elementary school pictures. Bwahaha!

Of course, my parents have to be first. Here they are, October 19, 1963. I'm sure I'm embarrassing them, something that I have to say they've never actually done to me. (How unlike most parents!) To be a real picture of my parents, it ought to have Airedales in it, but they didn't have Airedales at the time. My father began to go gray with a vengeance about five years after this photo. I was born in 1968. Hey... wait...
To go back another generation, here are my father's parents. This picture was taken in Ocean City, New Jersey, in 1929. My grandmother was 17 at the time, and my grandfather was 23 -- and both of them look like they were having a grand time making the photo blurry. They eloped the next year. They had been married for 57 years when my grandfather died, and my grandmother died ten years later.
A somewhat more dignified photo, taken ca. September 7, 1927: my mother's parents at their wedding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My grandmother was pretty much my only babysitter as I was growing up. I saw more 1970's live-action Disney movies with her than I want to admit. My grandfather -- I never met him. He died of lung cancer in 1961. Best reason I ever knew not to take up smoking.