These are the people who often put up with me for years at a time, even when I'm being a complete idiot. Many of my best and closest won't pose for pictures, or won't give me ones they like. Darnit.

On the left, we have Eleanor, a long-suffering friend from high school. She's a doctor in Florida now, and has accumulated quite a lot of companions: dog, cat, birds, fish, husband. This photo was taken in Georgetown (Washington, DC) ca. 1994. I don't look like this anymore -- for one thing, I've forsaken contacts for glasses again. But I suppose I don't look too terrible, and I'd rather have people think I look like this than what I usually look like in photos.
Drue, yet another long-suffering friend from high school, is the gorgeous blonde on the left. She's pushing her daughter (my god-daughter), River, the gorgeous blonde on the right, on the swings at the Pennsic War 2000. Look at those grubby feet! All children at Pennsic look like this! Only not so cute!
Drue and River take a time-out to read late in the afternoon at Pennsic 2000. Drue's looking a little rough around the edges -- she had a tough couple of days -- but River looks fresh as... well... like any kid at Pennsic who's about ready to conk out. At least in 2000, River slept, unlike during Pennsic 1999. Yeeg.