Friends at LARPs

What are LARPs? Live Action Role Playing games. I used to run them at least once a year, but that tradition has died out since I co-ran the Judith-Squared LARP at Bryn Mawr College in 1996 (Judith-Squared because my co-GM's name was also Judith, but fortunately, she goes by the full name). Almost all the games I ran or played in were based on the White Wolf Storyteller universe (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage). (The only exception so far was a free-form Revolutionary Girl Utena LARP I played in at VeriCon, January 2001. I was, with several of my friends, the Shadow Chorus, modeled on the Shadow Girls of the anime series. No good photos exist of me in that LARP -- probably all to the best.)

This was taken a LARP in the fall of 1995. I was pretty daring with the costuming. More daring than I was before or since, actually. Believe it or not, I was playing a vampire of the Ventrue clan, which is usually snooty and well-dressed. Ha ha. The guy I'm flirting with is Joe (can't recall the character name).
Same LARP, fewer clothes. That cranky-looking rival Ventrue also happens to be yet another long-suffering friend from high school, Ellen.
Here's a completely different look at Ellen, at the Judith-Squared LARP. The wacky Gangrel-fox-shapechanger.
And here's Ellen a little later, having just won a staredown against a Black Fury ahroun with the personality trait "friendly." The WW LARP system is just stunning sometimes. Yes, that's me as the Fury (standing on the chair... hey, I was in crinos!) The friendly neighborhood Tremere laughing at me in the background is Ruben, one of my best friends from college. And that's Heather in front, being intimidating as her character, Prudence. I think it's a great picture of her.