This Bone Gnawer is an ahroun with a heart of gold, a Renaissance Dog, whose latest passion is quoting "Shakey-speer". I did not, sadly, log some of Pid's most astounding exploits (I'm most sad about not keeping the "Great Eagle Thorondor" sequence for posterity). But he's a charming fellow in just about any setting. Some people might pick at my roleplay, saying that his Rage is too high to merit such a cheerful personality. But, ya know, if ya give a junkyard dog a treat, he wags his tail and is your friend for life... or until you kick him.
And here's some logs for your amusement.

Piddles' first time at the Regan Hope Project
Pid at last meets Buick
Pid hangs out at the Forgotten Church
Pid shows both his temper and erudition
Cavall and their friends go hunting
Cavall cubnaps Collin
Twas the night before Solstice
Pid meets Merria and learns the meaning of angst
Pid hangs with the MexiGnawer
Pid meets Clever-for-Food
Pid and Jose spar a bit to work off the full moon
Who is Raul Arcadio?
Raul Arcadio surprises Thomas
Pid starts teaching the Litany to Clever
Litany lessons, part deux
Pid tells his story, and Cavall and friends go scouting the river
Pid teaches a bit more to Clever. Featuring the special Gnawer encapsulated Litany!

Check here for some Pid-related art.

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