Beltane and Oberon (Beekman) are mellow about the camera, and willing to be photographed together. Perdita seems undistractable when she's with other cats, as if getting caught on film is an embarrassment to her, especially in front of Big Brother Beek. So I only have two or three pictures of the three cats together, and all of them have Perdita in motion.

So here's Bel and Beek, hanging out on Kerey's computer chair and bed, respectively. Notice K's feet in the picture as well -- sadly, the pic I took of her playing with the cats scanned too dark. Sigh. In any case, please do note the elegant pose Beltane has struck for this, while Beekman is watching Perdita bolt.
And here we have Beltane and Beekman on the foot of K's bed, producing enough cute rays to stun a nation. Beek has a knack for curling his toes in precisely the way to make all conversation in the room cease. Bel just looks graceful.
Beltane and Beekman in the hall, as you look out of K's room toward the front of the house. Door on the left is the Most Important Door In The House: the linen closet, where the cat food is kept. The doorway just barely visible on the right is my room. Yes, our hall bends there to accomodate the jigs and jogs instituted by the kitchen and the bathroom.
Bel and Beek in the kitchen. We are very proud of our kitchen these days -- it used to look much more... mismatched. As you can see, our stove is Not Quite Original But Damned Close. Likewise our fridge. Dining table by IKEA. Cats by themselves. Beekman has such a talent for showing how huge his eyes are in every shot, and Beltane has a remarkable talent for looking elegant. At least, we think so.