Look! No Dress!

Note: "Desu" is pronounced, "dess" (or thereabouts). As in Episode 2 of Utena, where Utena is mournfully trying to find anyone else in her new dorm, and she's saying, "Tenjou Utena desu!" The "u" is silent in this case.

Anthy likes musicals. Sometimes, we end up watching a musical marathon until quite late. After one of these, which followed a run of finals and very little sleep for me, I collapsed into bed and promptly had a very odd dream.

In the dream, there were futons and pillows and snack foods and random junk spread on the floor between the white couches in Akio's planetarium. Sitting among all this were Akio, Touga, Aiko, Yuuko, Keiko, Kozue, and Shiori, each wearing blue pajamas like the ones I wore in school. Keiko was braiding Akio's hair, and Shiori was painting Touga's toenails with sparkly silver nail polish. Aiko and Yuuko were reclining on futons, eating Pocky.

Suddenly, Kozue sprang up onto the coffee table, and she was wearing an... abbreviated version of my old uniform that apparently had a bustier or corset underneath it, judging from the quantity of cleavage emerging from the opened jacket. Music started, and she began to sing and dance:

"Look, no dress, (She held up the edge of her very short red shorts)
Utena desu! (Where did she get a pink wig that looked like it belonged on Dolly Parton?)
Obsessed with all this princeliness
Won't slap the Bride or even be snide
I can't; Utena desu! (She posed dramatically and bravely, one foot on the floor, one foot on the table)

Watch it, hey, I won't betray
My prince or all my friends that way
I will not submit (She made pushing away motions at Akio, who was laughing)
Nor quit nor permit
The Chairman's game to play!

I'm not eternal (She leaned down confidentially to Keiko for this line)
Or shining
I don't believe in miracles (She sidled up to Shiori for this one)
I get ill from boys being too close (She lurched away from Touga)
Keep that zipper shut! (She pointed at Akio at this)
I'm not that kind of slut! (She crossed her arms in front of her and looked shocked)
I can't believe you're that gross!

As for you, Touga Kiryuu, (She waggled her eyebrows at Touga)
I know what you wanna do
I wore your gown
But ain't goin' down
I'm the big princely U!"

She finished this verse in a muscle pose, just in time for the elevator bell to ring and for me to emerge as the doors opened. I looked around, a little baffled and hurt, and said, "Are you making fun of me, Kozue?"

Kozue collapsed onto a futon, back in her pajamas, grumbling, "Some people are so touchy." She pulled the wig off and tossed it across the room.