Shadows on the Wall

The further adventures of A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko, with the rather frightening addition of Gir, from Invader Zim! Posted irregularly by Bara no hitomi in her Livejournal, these shadowplays constitute a semi-continuous pseudo-story that also comments cryptically on parts of her life. As she said, "One day the Shadowgirls got into my head. And they just won't leave!" But you don't need to know her to enjoy these shadowplays!

I will update this list as I can. If you want to see if there are any shadowplays more recent than those listed here, just go to Akycha's Livejournal. Feedback is very welcome! Please send to Bara no hitomi or leave comments on the individual LJ entry.

12.5.2002: (A comment on my life)
1.6.2003: Point of View
1.16.2003: Point of View, Redux
1.17.2003: The Duel
1.17.2003: Imaginary Conversations
1.22.2003: Masks
1.29.2003: Repent! The end is at hand!
2.19.2003: An Interlude with Buttons
2.24.2003: Backstage
2.28.2003: Responsibility and Evil
3.5.2003: In the Library
3.10.2003: Roommates
3.10.2003: How-To
3.12.2003: It Takes Two
3.19.2003: But Who's Counting?
3.24.2003: My Lover Lies
3.25.2003: (Interlude) Someone Keeps Moving My... Couch
3.26.2003: The Only Way to Win...
4.8.2003: Give Me Worlds Enough and Thyme
4.15.2003: Mobility
4.17.2003: Belles Lettres et autres Arts Humaines
6.5.2003: Sight and Insight
7.25.2003: Someone's Spinning in His Grave
8.7.2003: Revolution, Movement the First: A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With Leaving the Iron On
8.13.2003: Revolution, Movement the Second: "The Heartless Princess," A Production of Gathering Shadows Kashira Theatre, Ltd.
8.20.2003: Interlude with Questions
9.25.2003: Dirty Laundry
11.21.2003: Secret Agent
11.22.2003: Shopping for the Perfect...
11.23.2003: Mission Not-Quite-Possible
1.24.2004: Male, Female, Other
1.29.2004: There's a Light On At...
2.2.2004: Like a Restless Dream of a Fool's Paradise
2.24.2004: And Castles on the Ground
6.4.2004: Gaudy, Gaudy Night
6.8.2004: C-ko Under Authority
7.7.2004: There's a Hole in the UFO
7.20.2004: Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from the Moral High Ground
8.24.2004: Nine to Five (part of a writing meme challenge)
8.25.2004: Show and Tell (part of a writing meme challenge)
8.26.2004: Did You Remember... (part of a writing meme challenge)
10.1.2004: Road Trip
10.3.2004: In Which a Distinct Lack of Snow Is Noted
10.11.2004: We Interrupt this Shadowplay for An Important Announcement...