Summary Guide for Revolutionary Girl Utena

Sometimes, I just need a little jog to my memory to remember what's in a certain episode. This is my memory-jogger.

This is intended only for people who have seen the entire series, as it's chock full of spoilers!

I originally drew the episode titles from the Utena Encyclopedia.

I hope you find this useful.

Part I:"Seitokai Hen" -- The Student Council Saga

EP#Japanese NameEnglish NameComments
#1"Bara no Hanayome"The Rose Bride Introduction to the whole crew. Saionji duel.
#2 "Tagatame ni Bara wa Hohoemu" For Whom the Rose Smiles Anthy moves in with Utena. Introduction to Chu-Chu. Saionji duel.
#3 "Butoukai no Yoru ni" On the Night of the Ball Touga puts the moves on Utena, Nanami makes life miserable for Anthy, and the girls are awfully cute in the end anyway.
#4 "Hikari Sasu Niwa - Prelude" The Sunny Garden - Prelude Miki's shining thing introduced.
#5 "Hikari Sasu Niwa - Finale" The Sunny Garden - Finale Miki duel.
#6 "Nanami-sama Goyoujin!" Nanami-sama, Beware! Someone is trying to kill Nanami with random livestock. Introduction to Tsuwabuki.
#7 "Mihatenu Juri" Unfulfilled Juri Introduction to our most angstful duelist. Juri duel.
#8 "Curry-naru High Trip" The Great Curry High Trip Utena and Anthy in a personality swap. The elephants! The elephants!
#9 "Eien ga Aru toiu Shiro" The Castle Said to Hold Eternity Saionji drags Anthy off to the arena, weirdness ensues. Introduction to just how big a bastard Touga is.
#10 "Nanami no Taisetsu na Mono" Nanami's Precious Thing Cardboard box. Disturbed little girl. Nuff said.
#11 "Yuuga ni Reikoku, Sono Hana wo Tsumu Mono" Graceful and Ruthless; the One Who Picks the Flower Touga cheats. Touga duel.
#12 "Tabun Yuujou no Tame ni" For Friendship, Perhaps Wakaba knocks some sense into Utena. Utena in ugly Ohtori uniform. Touga duel.
#13 "Egakareru Kiseki" Plotting a Locus Introduction to Akio, though not by name. Reviews all of the story arc duels. Hint of horrible things to come.

Part II: "Kurobara Hen" -- The Black Rose Saga

EP#Japanese NameEnglish NameComments
#14 "Kurobara no Shounen-tachi" The Boys of the Black Rose Introduction to Mikage, Mamiya, and Kanae. Kanae duel. Twitch moment at the end.
#15 "Sono Kozue ga Sasu Fuukei" Landscape Framed by Kozue Kozue's brother complex revealed. She draws Miki's sword. Kozue duel. Extra-special twitch moment at the end.
#16 "Shiawase no Cowbell" Cowbell of Happiness Nanami gets a special shiny cowbell that she then wears everywhere. Hijinks ensue, with Nanami eventually turning into a cow.
#17 "Shi no Toge" Thorns of Death Introduction to Shiori by name, lots of Juri angst. Shiori draws Juri's sword. Shiori duel.
#18 "Mitsuru Modokashisa" Mitsuru's Growing Pains Tsuwabuki wants to be an adult. He draws Nanami's sword. Tsuwabuki duel.
#19 "Ima wa Naki Oukoku no Uta" Song of the Fallen Kingdom Wakaba is in love with her prince. Prince Onion comes to her rescue, but we find out that her prince is really Saionji.
#20 "Wakaba Shigereru" Wakaba Hath Flourished Verdantly Saionji continues to hide in Wakaba's dorm room until Mikage shows up with an offer he can't refuse. Wakaba very insistent about drawing Saionji's sword. Wakaba duel; note that Utena never pulls the sword.
#21 "Warui Mushi" Troublesome Insects The much-ignored Keiko of Nanami's henchwenches gets a spotlight, draws Touga's sword. Keiko duel.
#22 "Nemuro Kinenkan" Nemuro Memorial Hall Why is Mikage such a nutcase? Because he's also Professor Nemuro, who fell for both Tokiko and her brother Mamiya, and decided to grasp eternity for them.
#23 "Duelist no Jouken" Qualifications of a Duelist More of Mikage revealed. Who really burnt down the building with 100 duelists in it, Mikage or Mamiya? Mikage duel. Mamiya revealed to be an... unaware?... Anthy.
#24 "Nanami-sama Himitsu Nikki" Nanami-sama Secret Diary Tsuwabuki gets knocked on the head while saving Nanami from more rampaging livestock. Utena and Anthy get hold of his journal. Review of the silly Nanami episodes. And maybe it wasn't Tsuwabuki who got cold-cocked.

Part III: "Ohtori Akio Hen" -- The Ohtori Akio Saga

EP#Japanese NameEnglish NameComments
#25 "Futari no Eien Mokushiroku" Our Eternal Apocalypse Utena and Anthy move into the Tower. Saionji isn't going to duel. Then the Car shows up, and he decides to duel. Saionji duel. Utena loses Sword of Dios, and Anthy draws Utena's sword for the first time.
#26 "Miki no Subako (Hikari Sasu Niwa/Arrange)" Miki's Nest Box (Sunny Garden -Arranged) Akio uses Kozue to draw Miki into taking a ride in the Car. Brief glimpse of the Rose Bride as Miki and Kozue's prospective stepmother! Miki duel, with Kozue drawing his sword.
#27 "Nanami no Tamago" Nanami's Egg Entertaining and thinly veiled menarche metaphor that actually shows Nanami's likeable side.
#28 "Yami ni Sasayaku" Whispering in the Dark Ruka, the old fencing captain, shows up, seduces Shiori to get to Juri. Ruka duel, with Shiori drawing his sword. Ruka dumps Shiori at the end.
#29 "Sora yori Awaki Ruriiro no" Azure Blue Paler Than the Sky Ruka uses the Shiori-dumping to bully Juri into agreeing to a ride in the Car. Juri duel, with Ruka drawing her sword. Utena breaks locket, Juri drops her rose.
#30 "Hadashi no Shoujo" The Barefoot Girl Akio begins his seduction of Utena in earnest. Lots of Utena angst. Her first kiss from Akio.
#31 "Kanojo no Higeki" Her Tragedy Nanami realizes that she and Touga aren't related by blood. She moves out of the house and into the Tower, where she walks in on Akio and Anthy.
#32 "Odoru Kanojotachi no Koi" Romance of the Dancing Girls Nanami goes for a ride in the Car and Touga attempts to make a move on her. Nanami duel, with Touga drawing her sword. At the end, we find out that Nanami and Touga ARE related by blood, Touga's just being a jerk.
#33 "Yoru wo Hashiru Ouji" The Prince Who Runs in the Night A review of the past story arc, interspersed with Akio on the phone with the shadow girls and Utena talking to (someone? herself?) in a motel room. Don't blink or you'll miss the flash of Akio's hand holding Utena's to the bed.

Part IV: "Mokushiroku Hen" -- The Apocalypse Saga

EP#Japanese NameEnglish NameComments
#34 "Bara no Kokuin" Seal of the Rose The shadowgirls put on the Tale of the Rose, and we get a look at what really happened the night Utena came out of her coffin.
#35 "Fuyu no Koro Mebaeta Ai" The Love That Blossomed in Winter Touga gives Utena earrings from Akio. Saionji and Touga talk about Touga's possible love for Utena. Anthy and Utena have a short bonding moment, ruined by Akio.
#36 "Soshite Yoru no Tobira ga Hiraku" And the Gates of Night Open Touga and Saionji are having more talks (including the motorcycle and sidecar piece). Touga takes Utena up to the arena at night, then challenges her the next day. Touga duel, with Saionji drawing his sword.
#37 "Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Mono" The One Who Will Revolutionize the World Utena discards her ring and goes on a date with Akio. Badminton game with Juri and Miki. The poison scene. Anthy tries to jump from the tower. Utena goes out to the final duel.
#38 "Sekai no Hate" The Ends of the World Akio reveals himself at the arena. Akio draws Utena's sword, putting her in that pink dress. We see the rest of the scene where Anthy is trying to jump. Utena takes back the sword, Akio reveals the truth about the arena. The duel begins, and when Utena is winning, Akio shoves Anthy to her. Anthy stabs her.
#39 "Itsuka Issho ni Kagayaite" Someday, Shine Together Anthy takes Utena's sword and gives it to Akio, who attempts to open the Rose Gate with it. The sword breaks. Anthy goes to take the million swords for Akio. Utena opens the Rose Gate, and as Anthy reaches for her, everything falls apart. Roll end sequence, Anthy leaving.