Translation of "When, Where, Who, Which"

When Where Who Which
When Where Who Which
Flow of blood from the cage of my memory,
In the cradle of a thousand years of bliss.
And I, an actor cast eternally
as the Sphinx in the desert winter.
Now you know the sadness
of the stillborn flesh.
And I, a holy actor, cast eternally
as a dark shining Margineaux, cast into Hell.
Cool down,
and sing!
Born in this world,
born in an instant,
born all over again.


Flow of blood from the cage of my memory,
"Kioku no Ori no Chi no Nagare" - "ori" is written in hiragana and it's hard to get the intended meaning as there are several homophones. Since the next line contains the word "cradle," this "ori" is most likely to be "a cage made of metal pipes to confine a wild animal in." Yet, that is just an educated guess.

as a dark shining Margineaux, cast into Hell.
The word "margineaux" appears in a reasonably large French-English dictionary, apparently the noun form for the adjectival "marginal(e)". It suggests that "an-inkou margineaux" does indeed describe the edge/border where darkness and light meet.

[Ed note: Actually, some Googling by Bara no hitomi, who has some experience translating French to English, located some more context for this term. It is commonly used to referred to a marginalized or dispossessed person. One might think of it as a name for a class of people, as in, "a Marginal." There's no direct English translation, since we usually describe it with an adjective, as in, "the marginalized class."]