Utena Links

The Utena Encyclopedia
The ultimate source of information about the anime.

Satellite of Revolution!
The Satellite of Revolution, where Chris Rain MST3Ks Utena fanfic. It's the only site we can think of that consistently convulses us with laughter. Even on re-reads.

Empty Movement v5.0
A very cool site with Utena images and songs and who knows what else.

Ohtori Online
Some information about the manga and its differences from the anime.

Utena Network
Characters summaries and other goodies.

For real women who like their women... animated! A convention -- June 13-15, 2003 -- for women who enjoy shoujoai and have problems finding like-minded friends. The mailing list is incredibly friendly and growing all the time. All hail Erica for driving this!

"World Shaking" Fanfic
Speaking of Erica, this is her fanfic site. (I'm not a fangirl of Erica's; I just met her at ShoujoCon this year and was impressed. *grin*)

The Fanfic Revolution
And this is a group (of which Erica is part) who write fanfic that doesn't suck. Because it doesn't have to.