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Buddies to check out!

Brickman House
Take one of my oldest friends from high school, her partner, and their child; add a 160-year-old farmhouse in dire need of renovation. Now check out what they're doing to it!

We went to the same high school, though not at the same time, and somehow connected as friends, despite physical and temporal distance.


Sanford School
My high school, which I recall fondly, and which supplied me with a number of friends I still retain.

University of Delaware
I got a bachelor's degree in biology here, and a lot more education than just that.

Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia
I got my master's degree in human genetics here. It was awful, I was poor, and I had 250+ pounds of hairy baggage at the time. I don't remember my time here fondly, and I particularly don't remember the department very fondly. But, if you know what you want to do, and you pick the right prof, you can get a quality education, I'm sure of it. I think.

Bryn Mawr College
The school I so desperately wish I had attended. I'm lucky in that some of the alums have taken me in as an honorary alum of sorts.

Augustana College
See, there's this absowondrouslutely phenomenal biology professor there... My mentor, my sanity, my most memorable teacher and friend: Dr. Dara Wegman-Geedey.


Yeah, I still get into some biological things.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Once upon a time, Victor McKusick gathered together everything that he could that was known in literature about genetic inheritance of diseases. It made a really big and impressive book. Now it's online, getting updated all the time with all the newest published findings. An unbeatable reference tool for the student of human genetics, whether you're a doctor or someone who's just found out you have Ward-Romano Syndrome.

Feminism, Comparative Religion, and a Few Goony Things

I'm a feminist. I'm a fan of SF&F, comics, anime, and such other things. I like the perspective that alternate religions give. I like accurate research on said alternatives. That said:

Women in Refrigerators
An examination of the phenomenon of women in comic books meeting horrific death, depowering, and torture.

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page
A great compendium of ghost stories! Obiwan does a great job of picking and choosing.

Starhawk's Home Page
This is *the* Starhawk, writer of The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and a host of other feminist pagan works. Even if you're not pagan, her stuff is good to read if you're looking for a different perspective on life, the universe, and everything.

The Vodou Page
Mambo Racine Sans But has put together a marvelous site with a wealth of information about this religion. She dispels Hollywood hooha with facts and history, and writes in a witty, conversational style. A beginning source for anyone doing any sort of research on Vodou.

Miscellaneous Stuff

You never know, you might learn something you never wanted to know, but will win you $10,000 on Jeopardy someday.

Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
Yes, I'm in a frenzy right now of picking up random royal trivia.

  Mad Monarchs
The loons who have ruled. The writeup quality isn't always top-notch, but the facts and anecdotes certainly are.

Like owls? Watch an owl couple raise their yearly brood in an ingenious owl nesting box equipped with cameras and microphones.

Tropical Prediction Center
I'm fascinated by hurricanes. This is one of the best sites for hurricane-watching during the hurricane season.

Computer Stupidities
If you've ever worked as tech support, this site is for you.

Having a bad day? Take it out on some stick figures! Shockwave Flash plug-in required.

The PLATO System

From 1981 until 1989, I was a PLATO junkie. It was my first email, my first instant messaging, my first interactive, multi-player, on-line gaming experience. And it was for many other people. PLATO's concepts, code, and spirit live on today in the Internet, and not many people realize that it ever existed. Here are some educational links to give you a feel of what it was like.

PLATO People
Brian Dear's site where he gathering and disseminating information about PLATO. He's working on a book too.

Living Internet: PLATO
A short history of PLATO.

PLATO Conference
Some information from PLATO veterans. I haven't actually gone through it very much, but it looks entertaining.

PLATO: The Emergence of Online Community
A description of PLATO's inadvertant development as an online community -- the first, really -- and how that has influenced subsequent online communities.

PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations)
Another short history/description of PLATO.

=grapenotes=: The Collected Stories of Dr. Graper
I never knew the doctor -- I was contemporary at University of Delaware with his younger brother, Rick -- but his stories were still extant on the PLATO system. Maybe now I'll read more of them. *grin*

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