The usual use for a personal website seems to be displaying photos. I don't have many photos, especially of myself (I am Not Photogenic), but those I do have may be of some small interest to those of you who wonder about my cats, parts of my house, or, I suppose, what I look like.

I've put together a few things for your perusal here. Enjoy!

Cat Shrine

Yes, of course I have a cat shrine. I'd have a dog shrine too if I only had a dog (and a house, and a yard, and a nice place to walk it...) And a ferret shrine, horse shrine, etc. But since I live in an apartment in the middle of the city, you'll have to settle for pictures of my cats. My gorgeous, gorgeous cats. The cats I will burble at length about. Feel free to ignore the explanatory text, since I will no doubt wax intolerable. :-)

Humans in My Life

Yes, humans. Most of those using computers are. Human, I mean. There are those who look human but aren't, but we won't talk about them. And there are particularly talented Airedales from time to time. These are some of the humans who are important to me, and, well, some pictures of me. From time to time, I suppose, that can't be avoided. Note that some people I spend the most time with have a real talent for avoiding the camera. Sigh.