Game Mastering on GarouMUSH

Here are the logs of the ONSen (One Night Stands, or Stories, which usually, for me at least, take more than one night) I have run.

tribunal The Animal Tribunal
Starring Sepdet, Thomas, Therru, Quiet, and Cyrano. It's a court of law, but not the kind of law we're all accustomed to.
power plant Scouting the Power Plant
Part of Stormcloud's first Fostern Challenge, the mission included Jimmy Wilson, Arlen, John, and Kathryn as well. The power plant being, of course, the worst blight in St. Claire.
SCCU image Merry Xmas, Thomas
On the first night of winter break at SCCU, Thomas and Scott encounter a nasty gang of totally normal hoodlums. Scott thinks he's in a John Woo flick, and Dana supplies some extra paranoia for Thomas.
Sunbird Capturing the Sun
Casper makes a Sun talen for Jose's chiminage, guarded by members of Cavall. Imagery freely stolen from Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis.
Shining City Ishikor
My first attempt at a one night stand for the previously idle pack of Whispers. It turned into two very late nights (1/23/98 and 1/27/98), but it was fun. Starring Dylan, Paul, Sepdet, Wayfinder and my assistant, Therru's player, who acted admirably in the roles of the NPCs Kid and Gray. I'm frightfully proud of this game.
That White Horse... February Festival with the Fae
Seirian, Walks-Far-Alone, Clouded Sky, and Touch Deer encounter some odd animals in the woods and follow them home. Seiri will probably twitch whenever she sees a white horse from now on.
Totemquest: The Usual Suspects
  • Totemquest
    I ran my first Totemquest for the pack called "The Usual Suspects." The TQ brought about a change of name for the pack (Forest Walk) and one of its members. Starring Derrick, Athena, Erik and Dusty.
  • Sidetrip: Dusty
    Dusty dropped out of the TQ for Suspects due to real life happenings. This is what happened to Dusty, and how he eventually returned to the Hidden Walk.
Harbor Park Fight
This was a shoot 'em up that got out of hand, and the wizards surprised me by kicking my butt over it. But here it is, it's still something I ran. The official GM log thereof.
A Dream?
The first part of a story I never got to finish, sadly enough. I value this log simply for the psychological torment I put the characters through. *grin* Starring the pack, Dawn's Fire -- Scott, Seirian, Velia, Mark, and Logan -- and special guest-star Merin!
This story turned into the foundation concept for my MUSH, Bright Future.
Master Li Douglas
This was the resolution of Douglas' possession by a bane. Starring, in the first part, Dylan, Douglas and Li Kao, a raven spirit who came to help. In the second part, Arlen and Sepdet join the fun. Li Kao played by Therru's player, my able and witty occasional assistant.
Ashley Turner's Umbra
This was an ONS I agreed to run for Rorschach, a little raid by the city Garou upon a corporate site maintained by a bad guy. Starring Nigel as the head honcho, Elan, Jayson, Arlen, and the only non-theurge present, Merria.
Facedown on the Street
Cavall and friends meet some unsavory characters. Starring Clever-for-Food, Elan, Bailey, Casper, Pete Barlow, Hank, Arlen, and Sass.
Meanwhile, in the Umbra...
While the Cavallies and company were facing down the nasty types at the bar, Arlen, Pete, and Sass slipped into the Umbra for a look at what might be around.
Cemeteries are Such Lonely Places
In a small, nearly abandoned cemetery in the Industrial Sector, something evil stops for a snack. And I start my campaign of ruining Glass Walkers' outfits. Starring Agatha, Nico, Clever-for-Food, Wade, Dakota, Bailey, and Jose.
Blackwatch and the Fair Folk
  • Blackwatch Gambles with the Neighbors
    The first part of a rather... strange adventure for Blackwatch.
  • Blackwatch Tries an Apology
    At the suggestion of their alpha, Blackwatch tries getting Steven (in Shea's body) to apologize to the Fae for, er, being rather wanton at the earlier meeting. They're hoping it swaps them back into their rightful bodies...
  • Blackwatch Finale
    At long last, Blackwatch is faced with the Faerie Court and the riddles they must solve to keep their Grotto. Stranger and the nixie are played here, as in the first installment, by Therru's player, who also provided tons of folklore and reference for the riddles.
An Evening's Stroll on Wharf Street
The quiet of the Umbra of the dark moon has brought out wary Garou, stalking the source -- fortunately for Nigel! Starring Kyle, Cutter, Chaser, Seirian, Arlen, Paul... and reintroducing Nigel after a prolonged absence!

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