Kinds of Characters You Can't Have

No Wraiths, No Changelings. The ghosts and faeries that might appear are going to be folklore-based NPCs, not White Wolf interpretations.
No bad guys. Evil icky nasties will be NPCs.
No Mokole. They're dead. No Nuwisha. They're missing. No Ananasi. They're having problems. No Rokea. They're not worried about dry land.
No Tremere or Setites. They're toast.
No New World Order or Syndicate type Mages. They're bad guys. No truly icky Technocrat types. The current Technocrats are trying their level best to be eco-friendly -- if they're not, it's because of a fundamental misunderstanding of just what that is, not because they're evil.

Reasoning behind the "no bad guy" ban

We want positive characters who will not cause potential OOC strife as we try to establish the MUSH community. Player bad guys often cause problems, even among the most mature of roleplayers. The major bad guys will be adequately represented by the wizcorps and other GMs at this point.

Kinds of Characters You CAN Have

Garou, Bastet, Corax, Ratkin, Nitakk-Ita, Perunka. Mages. "Hedge Mages." Kinfolk. Humans. Some vampires. As long as it doesn't conflict with the bans, run it up the flagpole.
Player characters should be rich with background and plot hooks. This translates to: twink in moderation. Twink for good story.

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