The History and Geography of Bright Future MUSH

The center of the story is located near Mount Katahdin in what was once Maine. The locals know the territory as a highly-contested bit of turf between the Duchy of Gottsreich, a principality of Nouvelle France, and Mother McGuire, provincial governor of Massachusetts. The story focuses on a nearly dead caern, a dormant node, and a dying town at the foot of Katahdin, all of which share an immense, but unknown, destiny.

Please Note: Bright Future MUSH runs on half time.

This is so that all those people with lives don't watch everything whip clean away from them. Please check +season, +date, and +time.

The Townsfolk
The Caern
The Node
New Moon Farm
The Surrounding Region

Not-to-Scale Map of the Region (in regards to certain events in roleplay)