A red comedy mask and a blue tragedy mask


"My dear Lord Peter -
   I am sure you have been wondering what has happened to me. But at last I have NEWS! I have STORMED THE CITADEL!!! I am going to the house tonight and you may expect GREAT THINGS!!!
    In haste,
      Yours very sincerely,
         Katherine A. Climpson"

--- Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers

I've been roleplaying for something like two decades now. I have, like many other gamers of my generation, written a few sourcebooks and fragments of sourcebooks. I've mostly game-mastered, as opposed to playing. I have filled notebooks with dungeons, game settings, and, indeed, whole worlds and paradigms.

A few years ago, I decided to start my own MUSH, based on the things I liked about the World of Darkness, and leaving out the myriad things about it I hated. Bright Future MUSH, an invitation-only MUSH, was the result.

My longest-lasting characters in "someone else's game" occurred on GarouMUSH. Of course, being mostly a GM, I had to run some games there to be relatively happy. I left Garou a few years ago. You can find roleplay logs at the links below.

Games Jude has run | Piddles-Into-the-Wind

One of my friends was instrumental in a Rite of Passage for a cub on GarouMUSH, and since the test started with something I ran, the logs for all that are available here.

And here are some really, really bad jokes I cracked one bored day about White Wolf werewolves.

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