The Utena Encyclopedia Salvage Project

Back when I started watching Utena, there was a fabulous website called "The Utena Encyclopedia." It was kind of annoying with its extremely dark background and animated spinning rose, but it was the site for info about the series.

Alas, it seems to have died. The last sighting of it was sometime in late 2002. Like several other fans, I'm reluctant to see that resource go away forever. We've tried contacting the original people, using the email addresses from the site, but no go so far as I've heard. I would like any of the original folk who worked on this project to know that my reproduction here is purely informational and homage, and a desire to not see something like this fall by the wayside.

So here, courtesy of MrsAkioOhtori and The Wayback Machine, I provide some of the resources, sans dark background and spinning rose. It loses some of its charm, but none of the content. I have also organized it a little differently, but the content all came from the Utena Encyclopedia. Note that they seem to have done their own translations, which may differ from those of Central Park Media.