What's New? 8.18.2010: ARCHIMAGE IS COMPLETE.

1.5.2009: Added The History Is Always the Same, the Product Is Always Different (Persona 3), I Am Watching and Waiting For You (Persona 3), and Fairy Chess (Suikoden 5) to the Other Fandoms page

2.8.2008: Added Finest Balm to the Utena Fanfic page
Added Another Incineration (Babylon 5), Milk Blossom (Elisabeth), Expiration Date (Babylon 5/Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter), and The Family Cactus (Katamari Damacy) to the Other Fandoms page..

5.11.2007: Added Saiyuki: The Missing Episode to the Other Fandoms page.

3.8.2007: Added Twelve Days of Courtship, an Utena/MariMite crossover to the Other Fandoms page.

8.6.2006: Added the first half of Part 13 of Archimage! Yes! Finally!

5.5.2006: Added a short Archimage-universe lemon, Taking Turns, to the Archimage Drabbles, and a lemony Full Metal Alchemist short, All Cylinders Go, to the Other Fandoms page.

6.8.2005: Added a couple of new Harry Potter fics to the Other Fandoms page, including a somewhat lengthy, six-chapter fic called Friends and Strangers.
Also slowly adding the HaloScan comment/feedback system to some of the fics (and all future fics). If you see a Comment link, please click and leave a comment about the fic you just read!

2.4.2005: Cleaned up the Fanfic page by creating the new Parsley section for older fics and fanworks that don't really fit anywhere else. I was running out of room! Also, added a couple of new things: a Zim-Utena fusion drabble that broke my head, and "The Master of the Phoenix Fire", my Utena-Tanith Lee pastiche, and a couple of new Archimage Drabbles.

10.11.2004: Updated the Shadowplays list.

10.3.2004: Added The Empty Swimming Pool to the Fanfic Page.

10.2.2004: Updated the Ohtori Tarot page to include card images!

9.18.2004: Added Archimage Drabbles on the Fanfic Page and added Other Fandom Writings.

8.21.2004: Added Script 4 to the Utena Encyclopedia listing.

8.11.2004: A new fanfic! Read Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is... by Bara no hitomi.

8.1.2004: Finally! An update, with a list of updates! For your reading pleasure we have:

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