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Once upon a time, there was a World of Darkness.

And then the Sun was stolen from it, and it fell into a Long Night.

For nearly eight human generations, vampires ruled the Earth, walking without fear under starlit skies.

The Changing Breeds withered to a fraction of their original number. Mages and Garou alike were shattered by betrayals. The Mokole perished utterly.

But new hope was born in the sky, a child of a gathering of spirit speakers and mystics of the Resistance: the moon Lilith rose, dim, hazy, but unmistakably present, ever opposite her sister Luna, bringing light to the darkest hours of the Night.

For two centuries, Gehenna was upon the vampires.

At the end of Gehenna came the Apocalypse.

And at last, at the cost of unknown heroes and heroines, the Sun sprang, blazing, into the sky, destroying his place of imprisonment, and many of his jailers, as he went.

The Sun glared upon Gaia with hatred and anger, and her climate shivered, her ice caps melted, and broad stretches of her became desert.

It is now 260 years since the beginning of the Long Night. It is a new world, the very shapes of the land altered by the rising sea and the opening desert. Luna and her dark sister Lilith alternately walk the night sky, while the Anger of the Sun scorches the day. The shifters, the workers of magic, the seers are no longer hidden, but stand side by side with the people who work to build new lives.

It is an Age of Wonders.

This is the Sixth World, the New Age, the Sun's Return.

This is the Bright Future.

Purpose and Theme | The World| The MUSH | Characters | Contacts | More Resources | BF Logs

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