A blue quill pen sketch

Jude's Spindly Old Writing Table

"After a few vain attempts at imposing our own angular order on things with a consequent out-of-jointness and shrieking disharmony that set our teeth on edge, we gave in to the old furniture and let things settle where they would. An irritation persisted in one particular spot in the dining room, a spot which would hold neither table nor buffet and developed an alarming sag in the floor when I tried to put a radio there, until I found completely by accident that this place was used to a desk and would not be comfortable until I went out and found a spindly old writing table and set a brass inkwell on it."

--- Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson

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There isn't much to say about myself. I read books, I play roleplaying games, I watch anime, I write, and I work on my family genealogy. As I age, I get more opinionated about the lack of rigor in education, and as a result, I grow more elitist (my critics would say) about the quality of writing found in books, on MUSHes, and, particularly, on the Internet.

You can find more about my view of the universe, as well as my pasttimes, through the links.

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